One of the greatest things I enjoy with breeding kittens is having the privilege to bring the love and joy, of a Ragdoll into their new pet parents lives.  Along, this incredible cat journey, I am able to meet some awesome people who share the passion and enjoy of Ragdoll cats as much as I do.  Below, is some of the wonderful people I have been blessed to stay in contact with through this journey, and their experience with my kittens.


Thank you for helping my family have a very merry Christmas. She’s doing great. She is wonderful!! She chases us around the house just like the dogs do. She sleeps with the kids every nite.  She is such a sweetheart!  She helps me get ready for work every morning. Lounges on my lunch box looking out the window in the kitchen.  We put a bird feeder out that window. Also sits in her  cat tree.


Thought I’d send you an update on Skye. She’s doing great and is such a loving, calm kitty.


He’s so so sweet with our kids.  He’s been sleeping on my daughter’s lap all day.

Hes a blast. He is so funny. He loves his momma and dadee. When dad goes to the store. Mom said he sits at the door waiting for him to return. How precious is that??? They just adore him. It helps mom too. She still has a moment or two with the loss of her persian but Triton makes it better for her.

Thunder & Lightning

New pictures of Thunder and Lightning.
They are doing so well.  I love them and cannot imagine not having them. They are just like my babies. Hope you are doing well. Have a nice day.


Hi Jamie

Apologies for the delayed testimonial. I would like to express how grateful I am for Alex. He is indeed like you mentioned a lover.. Most amazingly, he demonstrated those amazing qualities of a Ragdoll. He is like a real puppy cat. He greets me everyday back from work and simply flops around excitedly just to demand attention on how happy that I’m home. He follows everywhere I go and never let’s anyone out of his sight for more than 10 seconds (trust me I’ve counted). He’s grown to be a very handsome cat with rich colors and it’s surprising how big he’s become in half a year. He loves to play and fetches toys like a puppy naturally… In short, he’s incredibly adorable and loveable.

I am attaching some of his recent photos…

Thanks again

Best regards