Hello! I thought I’d update you on Sebastian (previously Jingles), the flame point Ragdoll I got from you December of 2014. He’s doing great! He ways a whopping 23 pounds now and he just keeps getting bigger! He’s super loving and always wants to be held no matter what. I was able to leash train him with ease and now we take short walks in the park every so often. I’ve gotten tons of compliments from people we pass on our walks on how beautiful he is. They often mistake him for a girl, but I don’t think he minds lol. He’s such a pushover when it comes to other cats. I take him on kitty play dates at my friend’s house and the two kittens there just love to romp and play. It’s kind of comical to watch because they’ll be jumping all over him trying to get him to play and he’ll just lay down and let them play on top of him. He’s such a sweet heart. For some reason he won’t play with them, but the moment a cat toy is brought out it’s like he’s a completely different cat. His eyes get huge and suddenly he’s all across the room trying to catch the toy.

I’d really just like to thank you for this wonderful cat.