Mia is adjusting to her new home. The transition between Joseph and Mia went well. By Wednesday both were able to stay together with no problems. By Thursday Joseph was cleaning MIa. Both love to play with each other. This morning both came into my bedroom to wake me up. Since Mia came home Joesph has preferred to sleep on the couch. I think he was a little jealous as he did not want me to hold him or pet him a lot. This only lasted three days. He is back to his lovable self. Here are some pictures you both will enjoy. I will try to be better at updating you both on how both Joseph and Mia are doing. Joseph just finished his first year vaccinations. Mia goes in for her first series’s of vaccinations next Saturday. Mia has a great personalilty. She is also like to explore a lot. I will continue to send up-dates on how our babies are doing. Thanks again for providing beauitful kittens. Ken and I will surely enjoy them for many, many, many years to come.