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Welcome to KrystalBlue Ragdolls we are located near Houston, Texas.  We are a convenient drive away from Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Lake Charles, Louisiana. We are a small in home closed cattery offering ragdoll kittens in traditional colors of Blue, and Seal, in three patterns (Colorpoint, Mitted, and Bicolor). Our breeding goal is to breed ragdolls of exceptional Health, Temperament, and Size.


KrystalBlue Ragdolls is a small in home cattery, where we have the privilege of raising and sharing our home with our loving Ragdoll family companions for over 10 years!   Our Ragdolls are part of our family, they live inside our home and sleep with us at night.  Our ragdolls are very gentle, loving, and docile.  They conform to the Ragdoll breed Standard of being Dog-Like Floppy Cats, with great big purring motors, good bone, and size.  Our Cats and kittens run to the doors to great us when we come home, lay on our purse when its time to for us to go, and sometimes like to play fetch.  Passing these traits onto their offspring.


Our ragdolls are raised around dogs and children in a clean, safe, nurturing, loving environment where they get all the affection and love they desire.  So, they are very well socialized and enjoy being loved. With our Ragdolls KrystalBlue eyes, docile, fun-loving temperament, their bunny soft non-matting fur, exceptional personality and excellent health our Ragdolls will make your ragdoll dreams become reality!


Kittens are ready to go to their new forever homes when they are 12-14 weeks of age depending upon the individual kitten’s development. Our kittens are perfectly litter pan trained, and eating hard kitten food before they are ready to go to their new forever homes.  I want to ensure the greatest happiness and ease of the kittens adapting to their new forever homes as well as making the experience a joyous one for their new pet parents.


Health of our Ragdolls are extremely important to us.    We only breed a limited number of times a year to ensure the health and safety of our mother’s and there kittens.  As such, we have our Ragdoll breeders tested Negative for FIV, FeLV, and FIP, Both HCM mutations, PKD, and a variety of other genetic tests before we enter them into our breeding program.


Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns, you may have at 346-313-2470, (texting is the quickest way to reach us) or email us at   Email Address: krystalbluerags@gmail.com


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